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Attorney Nicholas G. Farha

Oklahoma City Oil And Gas Attorney

Last updated on February 27, 2023

In the state of Oklahoma, oil and gas law can be complicated. A successful oil and gas lawyer must have knowledge of the state oil and gas laws, but also extensive experience with real estate law, business transactions and commercial litigation.

At Farha Law, PLLC, our founding attorney Nick Farha, was born and raised in Oklahoma and has worked for Fortune 500 companies. He founded Farha Law in Oklahoma City in 2014 to help clients craft and create the best possible future and the firm’s practice areas reflect exactly that.

If you are a landowner in Oklahoma with mineral rights or need assistance with oil and gas transactional law, attorney Nick Farha can help secure your future.

Oil And Gas Laws In Oklahoma

The Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC) is the regulatory agency tasked with overseeing the exploration, discovery, drilling and production of oil and gas in the state of Oklahoma. It also regulates the storage and intrastate pipelines and transportation of fuels in Oklahoma.

In addition, the OCC oversees the conservation of natural resources and proposes regulations for environmental protection.

Representing Your Landowner And Mineral Rights

Attorney Nick Farha has extensive experience in real estate law and commercial litigation. If you are a landowner in the state of Oklahoma, or if you are concerned about mineral rights, he helps clients investigate title issues, draft and negotiate oil and gas contracts, and assists with oil and gas lease negotiations.

When disputes arise, Farha Law can also offer high-caliber advocacy for oil and gas conflicts and litigation, including:

  • Contract disputes
  • Landowner rights
  • Mineral owner rights
  • Oil and gas royalty disputes
  • Land ownership disputes
  • Mineral and ownership disagreements
  • Surface damage issues
  • Pollution claims
  • Title and lease conflicts

Born and raised in Oklahoma and with experience litigating matters in federal courts throughout the country, lead attorney Nick Farha has the experience to guide you through any oil and gas transaction or dispute.

Free Consultations For Oil And Gas Cases

At Farha Law, we offer a free case evaluation and initial consultation so that we can better understand your legal needs and goals and answer any questions that you may have.

Call our office today at 405-458-7854 or send an email with our online form to schedule your free appointment today.