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Where to look for evidence to support your truck accident case

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2024 | Personal Injury

The injuries associated with a truck accident can be catastrophic, leaving a victim with disabling injuries that reshape how they live their life for years, perhaps even decades, to come. The emotional and financial toll taken by these injuries can be overwhelming, too. As a result, many victims don’t know where to turn for help or how to start rebuilding their lives.

A personal injury lawsuit might give an avenue to recover compensation for damages suffered, thereby providing financial support needed to sustain a recovery, but the process is oftentimes more complicated than people think.

You certainly don’t want to be taken by surprise in your truck accident personal injury case. If you are, then you could end up losing out on the compensation that you deserve. So, how do you go about building your personal injury case in a way that protects you from aggressive defense tactics? Let’s look at some strategies that you might be able to implement in your case.

There are some obvious and not so obvious places to look for evidence to support your truck accident case. This includes the following:

  • Witness accounts: You’re going to need witness testimony to corroborate your accounting of the events leading up to your accident. So, gather contact information and acquire written statements if you can, that way you know how these witnesses will testify at trial.
  • Trucking logs: Truckers are required to adhere to federal hours of service regulations. These rules seek to keep tired and fatigued truckers off the road. When truckers violate these regulations, then their driving capacity can be diminished, putting motorists like you at risk of being injured in an accident. So, try to get your hands on these logs, as they could be indicative of negligence.
  • Truck maintenance log: Truckers and their employers are required to routinely inspect their rigs to ensure that they are in safe driving condition. When they don’t, then a defective truck can lead to a devastating crash. Subpoena these maintenance records so that you can see if the truck that caused your accident was improperly maintained. If it was, then you’ve found evidence to support an argument that negligence contributed to your accident.
  • Personnel files: Truck companies should only hire drivers who have satisfactory driving records and are capable of safely operating a big rig. Sometimes, though, these companies stray from hiring safe drivers out of a need to quickly fill positions. In some of these instances, these drivers are clearly dangerous. In others, truck companies simply fail to adequately train their employees. These facts could help support your truck accident case.
  • Expert testimony: Some truck accidents are complicated, especially when they involve multiple vehicles. This can make it difficult to determine causation. Here, you might need an expert to help you analyze the evidence and formulate a professional opinion as to the accident’s cause and who is to blame for it.

You need strong legal arguments supported by compelling evidence if you hope to recover the compensation you need for your recovery. That will take some time, effort, and legal know-how, but you can and will get through the process. The only question is what sort of outcome you’ll achieve in your case. Be ready to advocate for what’s fair and just by starting the evidence gathering process now.